Big Bertha Thai – (Chiang Mai Thai, Mid 60’s Accession) x Kashmiri Sirnoo)


Genetics: Chiang Mai Thai, Mid 60’s Accession

Flowering Time: 10 Weeks Indoors, Mid October Outdoors at 45 Degrees North

Mold/Mildew resistance: High

Yield: Very High


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This is one of our long term breeding projects that has resulted in our most exceptional Thai dominant cross to date. We took our Highland Thai line, collected near Chiang Mai in the mid 1960’s, and spent five years removing all intersex phenos from the population before we began outcrossing. Once we’d stabilized our favorite phenos/effects, we took this beauty and crossed her with our best two Kashmiri Sirnoo studs.


Doing so created a masterpiece (in our eyes) that we’re very excited to share with patients and growers around the world! The Kashmiri brought down the flowering time drastically, from 16 weeks to 10 weeks, and added an unreal level of resin production and tighter (yet still classic Thai in appearance) bud structure. The effect is truly evocative of the regions the parents originated.


The best way I can describe it is “Buddhist Bud”. Absolutely happy, optimistic, centered, grounded, and psychedelic, with a strong positive energy that is the perfect aid to meditation and yoga. She has the ability to help one shed their negative mood and see their stressors in a new and optimistic light.


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