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Leftover Crack – (Green Crack x NL#5)


Genetics: Green Crack x NL#5

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks Indoors, Early to Mid October Outdoors

Yield: High

Mold/Mildew Resistance: High


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We crossed our cut of Oregon Green Crack (a staple of the med days here in Oregon) with our NL#5 male to create this beautifully stinky, funky line. The smells from these ladies range from camphor and lemony garlic, to a mango gasoline funk and a musky, citrusy, cherry skunk spray, and even sweet diapers and baby poop. Some phenos will lean towards the NL#5 side with a more honey, hash, and citrusy profile. Very balanced hybrid effects, creating a calmed focused and energized state, while soaking you in a bath of euphoric vibrations. As for yields, she is off the charts! Hefty, dense, frosty chunking spears, coated in resin that multiplies ten fold over the last few weeks, along with her stench. A solid 56-65 days. Medium stretch. Very trainable structure.



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