Old Faithful – (Brazilian Manga Rosa x Highland Thai / Kashmiri Sirnoo)


Genetics: Brazilian Manga Rosa x Highland Thai / Kashmiri Sirnoo


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She’s back!!! And probably the giggliest variety in the catalog currently by far! Laughing at everything and everyone with no end in sight. She’s that kind of herb. Just incredible Medicine. While getting your head where it needs to be and simultaneously sorting out whatever gnarly gastrointestinal or autoimmune disorder you’re dealing with.

A beautiful pairing of our Brazilian Manga Rosa x Highland Thai with our mouthwatering Kashmiri Sirnoo.. it’s definitely an old school effect that will bring back a lot of memories for some. The Kashmiri helped to tame many of the traits which made the Brazilian x Thai difficult to work with indoors, and added to an already ample production of resin, as well having a thickening effect on her flowers. Truly something special, and so much fun to grow and smoke!! Incredibly resinous.

Flowering: Indoors 9-11 weeks, outdoors early to mid October at 45 north;

Yield: Very High!

Resistance to PM: Very High

Resistance to Budrot: Very High

Resistance to drought: Very High

Resistance to soft bodied insects: Very High


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