Pure Purple Malana – (Pure Malana Valley Sativa Charas cultivar)


Genetics: Magic Valley, Malana

Flowering Time: 12 weeks indoors, early November outdoors at 45 degrees north

Resistance to Mold/Mildew: Very High

Yield: High

Sativa/Indica: 100% Pure Himalayan Sativa


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This beauty of a hash plant is a pheno we isolated during our Magic Valley project. She’s extremely tall compared to her siblings, and really stood out as something special and deserving of her own exploration! With a very strong musky grape nose to her, the taste is straight up delicate grape with Assam tea notes in the background, coupled with a strong incense undertone.


The effect is truly standout as well, with an energetic, euphoric and uplifting high with very long legs. This is a line every collector of Himalayan genetics should have in their library. We have only scratched the surface with her so far, and we’re very excited to see future outcrosses and accessions by collectors and breeders in the coming years!


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