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The Guru – Malana x After Work Affie (Milk Of Mazar x Khost Afghani)


Genetics: Malana x After Work Affie (Milk Of Mazar x Khost Afghani)
Flowering Time: 9-10 Weeks Indoors, Mid To Late October Outdoors At 45* North
Yield: High to Very High
Mold/Mildew Resistance: Very High


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This high yielding hybrid of three very unique and distinct hash plant lines, is one of our favorite cultivars for concentrate production. She produces an incredibly chilled out, relaxed, and pleasant experience, while completely altering your mood for the better almost instantly upon exhaling the deep musky, creamy, chocolate flavored smoke.


A true giant outdoors, the mold and pest resistance is very high, and you can expect a mid October finish at 45 degrees north. She does very well in cool, damp climates, and is a great choice for higher altitudes as well. Indoors she is an explosive growing, high yielding plant, finishing in roughly 9 weeks. She produces one of the most medicinal effects we’ve yet come across, being a panacea for all gastrointestinal issues, as well as having the ability to completely flip your frown upside down after half a joint.


“Bad mood gone” weed. My personal favorite daily working smoke, she’s functional and easy to incorporate into daily routines without disrupting your day or hindering your ability to carry out your tasks. Excellent and highly recommended choice for medical users looking for a true medical cultivar.


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