Wailing Valley – (Pure Himalayan Sativa Charas cultivar)


 Pure Himalayan Sativa Charas Cultivar


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Wailing Valley is situated 7 kms east of the Malana village, located in Malana Valley (Himachal Pradesh, India). The 7 Kms upward hike is steep and causes a sudden change in altitude from roughly 2400 meters to 3000+ mtrs. This valley being only used for cultivation of hash plants remains shut for visitors and only a handful of families in the village actually own land in wailing valley, with most families having fields in Magic and watching valleys which have been open to tourism due to the easy access and camping sites.


Plants in wailing valley shows a considerable difference, in smell, size and form. The plants tend to ripe a bit faster compared to other valleys and can have extremely vivid flavours like ripe mango, cherries, wine, body odur , floral, nepathelene and inscense being some of them. The flowering buds are usually bigger and have better resin coverage in contrast to the village and lower altitude valleys. Flowering in 12 weeks.” (From Indian Landrace Exchange)


Our Wailing Valley line was gifted to us by our friends at the Indian Landrace Exchange back in 2017, with the mission to preserve and acclimatize to northern latitudes and indoor growing. We’ve done two open pollinations with large populations (2018 and 2019 seasons) out here on Oregon’s north coast, and all beans on offer are from the best phenos we’ve isolated from those seasons.


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